The Best Way to Pack: 5 Tips to Fill Your Suitcase

Posted on July 16 2018

Jet-setting away to a Tuscan Winery this summer? Or planning a staycation? Even if you are simply traveling for work, wherever in the world you are headed, I have compiled the best, must-know advice on how to pack your bags efficiently. These pointers will help you fit in all your essentials regardless of the destination. I'm excited to be sharing my personal packing tips with you. Cheers to stress-free packing and happy travels!



 1. Plan your outfits. This is very important. Check the weather and build your outfits based on what you have planned for each day during your trip. This way you can bring versatile pieces that will allow you to mix and match. Bringing one pair of comfortable black pants is always a great bet - this wardrobe staple will go with multiple tops, keep you temperature-controlled in varying weather conditions and work for both dressy and casual days. I always like to base my outfit selection around knit black basics to get the most out of my suitcase. 


2. Roll Your Clothes.  Who knew that folding and stacking your clothes wasn't the best way to do it? Rolling my clothes has made the biggest difference in my packing routine - surprisingly, rolling them is a great way to keep things wrinkle-free and to fit more into your suitcase. Ming Wang pieces are already wrinkle-resistant, but this little step keeps them free of even any minor wrinkles. Our pieces are designed for convenience, and who doesn't want an extra 10 to 15 minutes that you would've spent ironing to get a head start on your day? (Plus some extra room for more of your favorite shoes!) 

 3. Compartmentalize. Long gone are the days of rummaging through your luggage to find the single item you need among an unorganized pile of clothes. Instead of just throwing it all in, separate items by category into different sections and even into bags. This way, you never have trouble finding anything, and it keeps your pieces from getting damaged during your travel. Some items definitely need separate bags: jewelry, to avoid necklace tangles and losing small pieces like earrings, delicate undergarments, and makeup, toiletries or anything that could leak. The worst is to arrive at your destination with your favorite tops and shoes covered in shampoo or lotion. You can go all out and buy nice bags made for this or just grab some plastic ones from your pantry!


 4. Less is more. Bring a limited selection of your most versatile pieces when it comes to jewelry, shoes and accessories. Shoes are one of the biggest space stealers, so think through your selection - lightweight strappy heels instead of chunky wedges and flats instead of more bulky platforms. Hate to say it, but there is a chance that things may get lost, especially if you bring an abundance of extra pieces. It can be difficult to keep track of all your items if you forget what you are missing. Not to mention, a lighter load makes it easier to get dressed when you are there and to unpack when you get home. 

 5. Bring largest items on your flight. If you need a thick jacket for lower temps, wear or carry that into the plane. The temperature inside airplanes is known to get cold, and the jacket can double up as a blanket. If wedges or boots are part of your travel attire, wear them on the plane to lighten your bag load. You can even slip them off and trade them for a pair of fuzzy socks for a cozier plane ride.

Hope these 5 tips were helpful. Now you are all set to go on your trip, worry-free!