Fall 2018: Take a Peek Inside the Studio

Posted on September 18 2018

Inside Our Inspiration

Go behind the scenes to see how trends 

combine with tradition to create new fall favorites.

Ming Wang designers look to runway trends, trend forecasts, customer favorites, and even popular bloggers and influencers for inspiration. We strive to keep our customers pleasantly surprised each season, while still always giving them the Ming Wang style they expect. Our collections are a harmonious balance of fresh, on-trend details with timeless, classic construction.

Di, our Head Design Manager, joined Ming Wang full time in 2013. Working with our growing team of talented and dedicated fashion designers, she determines which of the season’s trends will resonate the most with our customers, and then implements these elements into every aspect of the design -  the colors, patterns, fabrics, trims, accents and stitches.

The foundation of each collection is built around the knit stitching and textures for the season - selecting these is Di’s favorite part of the process. Our customers have a love for novelty and luxury, which gives her the freedom to explore and experiment with unique new fabrications and stitch combinations. Once she has determined the final textures and stitching, our exclusive factories develop the fabric swatches, and the collection designs are officially completed by applying the perfect constructions, silhouettes and detail work to each piece.  

After the collection is curated and approved, every piece is put through an intensive quality control process to ensure that every garment not only meets the highest standards in durability and quality, but also in fit and functionality. Every aspect of our process is carefully handled, from meticulously sourcing of intricate trims and adornments to working with specialized factories in Korea and China that dye our yarns with expert precision.

Ming Wang also separates itself from the crowd by specializing in knitwear, which offers comfort and the convenience of easy care without losing any of the polish. We utilize a special fabric called apple yarn as the base for most of our pieces. This yarn is 90% acrylic and 10% polyester, and it gives our garments the unique feature of being both machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant, making dry cleaning and ironing a thing of the past.  

We pride ourselves in creating premium pieces that are designed to last and still look brand new even after years of wear. We are honored to play a role in our customers' lives, helping them look polished and sophisticated no matter where their schedules take them. Ming Wang designs are versatile and investment-worthy, perfect for anything from the office to a cocktail event. When you choose Ming Wang, you're choosing more than just a brand. You're making an important investment in yourself; in a wardrobe of forever pieces, not fading fads. Treat yourself to the quality that you deserve. 

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