Traveling for Work: Ten Outfits, One Carry-On.

Posted on May 23 2018

Work can be a whirlwind, and every so often, last minute business trips get thrown into the mix. With my hectic work schedule and managing the family, packing is the last thing I want to worry about. I’ve found that it’s always ideal to travel light, regardless of how long you are away. Having everything in my carry-on keeps me from wasting any time waiting in baggage claim, and I never have to worry about potentially lost luggage. However, it can still be a struggle to balance comfort and style in just one small bag. Here’s how I did it on my most recent trip!

I created ten cute travel outfits with seven base pieces that I hope will inspire you and put you at ease. And these wrinkle-free, travel-friendly styles arrive at your destination looking just as good as they did before you left the house.  

Love, Carolyn



Day 1: From the airport to my lunch meeting.
Night 1: Taking some time to explore downtown.

Day 2:  Staying back-to-back meeting chic.
Night 2: Switching it up for drinks with the client.

Day 3: Busy day of presentations.
Night 3: Relaxing with an old friend from the city.

Day 4: Keeping things a little more casual.
Night 4: Dressing up for a charity event.

Day 5: Making an impression with the new agency.
Night 5: Squeezing in dinner before the flight home.