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We are asking you to complete the Culture Index(TM) Survey so we can see how it may apply to your work related needs as well as our company requirements. It also assists us in better employee management and development.

First and foremost, please be informed that Culture Index is:

  • A survey, not a test. There is no passing or failing.
  • There is no such thing as a perfect result.
  • We only measure work related behaviors.
  • We do not measure intelligence.
  • We do not measure a person's learning curve.
  • We cannot determine race, gender or religion.
  • We cannot determine your age.
  • We cannot determine your ambition.
  • We do not measure anything abnormal or clinical.

Take your time, read the instructions and complete the survey by yourself. It is important to complete the survey, once you have begun. The average person requires 8-10 minutes. If you can not set aside at least that much time right now, then please close the screen and re-use the link to complete the survey when you have more time. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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If you abandon this survey before it is completed,
you will not be able to return to complete it.